What Hunter Gatherer Diet (Paleo Diet) Is

Hunter gatherer diet (also known as Paleo diet) is a diet plan that is based on the diet of the people of Paleolithic era. It’s based on wild animals and plants that people millions of years ago used to eat. The contemporary paleo diet or hunter gatherer diet excludes all types of farm and processed foods and consists of fruits, nuts, fish, meat, roots etc.

The basis behind the wide recognition of this diet plan is quite simple. Individuals in the Paleolithic period were healthy with a powerful physique. They were free of illnesses like depression, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes etc. They did not have to wear glasses as their eyesight was good. These diseases and over weight problems arrived with the improvement of technology, so why not return to that and live a healthy life.

A paleo diet should not contain any refined food and grains, beans, potatoes, dairy, sugar etc. that are obtainable from farms. The diet should consist of berries, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, roots etc. that hunter gatherers used to eat.

It will notably alter the vitamin intake and reduce calorie consumption. You may start with getting the paleo diet in the breakfast everyday. After that as you get into the hang of it, you’ll be able to have it in all 3 meals.

A widely popular book on this diet plan called as the Primal Blueprint has been written by Mark Sisson, a former world class endurance sports person with a degree in environmental science. In his book he presented primal blueprint diet plan established on the hunter gatherer diet and in addition suggests a few other features like lots of sleep, moving around at a slow speed, lifting heavy things etc. basically the things which hunter gatherers were accustomed to do. And he suggests that it is the definitive way to live healthy and maintain an optimal figure.

There are a huge number of diet plans available these days and hundreds are arriving every month, nearly all of which have success rate under 10%. Moving backward and having a paleo diet might be the one required for you.


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